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Travel to Crimea with the support behind you to make your trip go just perfectly.
Our aim is to meet all your travel needs to the beautiful Crimea. We pride ourselves on offering the very highest level of service, at a personal level, and have the experience to help make your holiday in Crimea an unforgettable adventure. Crimea is very underdeveloped in terms of welcoming western tourists, and we solve the two biggest problems that you will encounter: few people speak English and there is little quality information in English , and few people offer genuine western quality service.
AccessCrimea is undergoing a major overhaul. By 2012 expect to see dramatic developments to the site. We will be offering numerous car tours, outdoor activites and eco tours unlike anything ever seen in Ukraine. We would be glad to see you here again next year!
T ravel in Crimea and Ukraine

Crimea is a peninsular in the south of Ukraine. Ukraine is becoming a more popular tourist destination, but as of yet, Crimea remains relatively undiscovered by Western tourists. This is set to change though - Crimea tourism is going to be big! The combination of natural beauty and historical monuments in Crimea is unparalleled. Crimea is almost completely surrounded by the Black sea and offers numerous opportunities for recreation such as hiking and diving.

If you are thinking of spending you holiday in Crimea, then be assured that Ukraine is a safe destination. You are no more likely to fall a victim to street in Crimea than you are in west Europe. You don't get the hassle and hagglers in Ukraine associated with other better-known destinations such as Egypt.

The main problem in Crimea, and Crimean tourism as a whole, is the difficulty foreigners have getting around without any knowledge of the customs or language. The tourism infrastructure in Crimea is not set up for Western tourists, there is no central tourism board, tourism information booths, and very few people speak English. That is where we come in. While everyone has different needs, we can satisfy them all. From the independent traveller who wants to travel in Crimea, to groups on holiday in Crimea, to the executive business traveller, we make the arrangements so that your trip goes smoothly, and so that you get the most out of your time spent in Crimea and Ukraine.

We can pick you up at the airport, book you into affordable, reliable accommodation, translate for you, arrange tours and activities, and ensure that your time in Crimea is hassle free. You can count on AccessCrimea.

If you want to see incredible coastal and mountain scenery, soak up the atmosphere of a vibrant post-Communist society undergoing rapid change, visit monuments of great historical value, and perhaps even try out outdoor adventure activities such as caving and cycling, then come and spend your holiday in Crimea. You wont regret it.

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