Real Estate Ukraine, Crimea.

Purchasing real estate in Ukraine and Crimea – new horizons for investors in real estate.

As the real estate market in countries such as the US is not offering the profits that it has done in the past, many investors in real estate are looking to other countries to purchase properties. They are looking for a country that will provide the right balance of risk and high return from their investment in real estate. Typically, such countries are 2nd world countries; countries which are developing fast but have yet to reach the level of development of the West.

Ukraine is one such country, and currently offers many fantastic opportunities for investors in real estate. The price of real estate in the capital of Ukraine; Kiev, has rocketed in the last few years. Real estate was cheap in Kiev 5 years ago, but today, real estate is more expensive than Kiev in only in 15 other European cities, such as Paris, London, Zurich and Oslo.

The price of real estate in Ukraine outside of Kiev is much less, and the industry is feeling the effects of money filtering through from the booming capital of Ukraine. Whilst many analysts are predicating that the boom in Kiev is coming to the end of its present cycle, the provincial towns of Ukraine currently offer great opportunities for investors in real estate in Ukraine. Regional centers such as Simferopol, Kherson and Sevastopol currently show the highest growth within Ukraine in the value of real estate.

Any investor buying into real estate a country such as Ukraine needs to weigh up the risk-reward balance. Initially, the investor needs to gather as much information as he or she can so that an informed decision can be made.

The main risk concerning buying real estate in Ukraine occurs during the actual buying process. Once the real estate in Ukraine has been successfully purchased, then property rights in Ukraine are respected. The risk relating to the stability of the economy in Ukraine is low. There has been economic stability in Ukraine for 9 years now with consistent growth over that time. In fact, last year, Ukraine??™s economy grew by 9.6% – more than any other economy in Europe. The banking system in Ukraine is well developed, and it is easy to transfer money in and out of the country.

There are a number of documents that need to be checked when purchasing real estate in Ukraine. These include documentation proving that there is no debt associated with the property, documentation proving that no illegal work has been done on the property, and others. Buying real estate in Ukraine is not as risk free as in the West, but the risk can be reduced to a bare minimum if the purchase is done in the right way. When purchasing real estate in Ukraine, the buyer needs to use the services of an independent 3rd party organization such as AccessCrimea, who can give advice and assistance, and double-check all of the documentation to make sure that everything is in order.

The potential rewards of buying real estate in Ukraine and Crimea are big. Real estate in the villages of Ukraine is extremely cheap, but the growth in prices in these areas is low, as there is a migrational tendency in Ukraine from the villages to the towns. However, in provincial towns such as Simferopol, the capital of Crimea in southern Ukraine, prices have been rising by 25% each year for the last 5 years. Prices of real estate in Simferopol are projected to carry on rising at this rate for at least the next 4 years. Real estate in this part of Ukraine is still very cheap. You can by a 2 room-flat in a prestigious area in the center of town for around $55,000.

Real estate in the coastal resorts of Crimea southern Ukraine; such as Yalta, is approximately twice as expensive, depending on how close the real estate is to the sea. Prices in such popular resorts are also rising fast.

As a whole, there can be few places in the world that offer the opportunities that Ukraine does right now in the real estate market. Locals and foreigners are already receiving the rewards from this lucrative business, and now is the time for you to invest in Ukraine; a country with massive potential.

AccessCrimea provides you the information and assistance necessary to purchase real estate in Crimea, southern Ukraine. We help you maximize the rewards, whilst virtually eliminating any risk associated with buying real estate in Ukraine. We connect you to reputable agents, translate documents, double check all the important documentation, and offer you advice on which properties are likely to offer the maximum returns. To find out more please go to Real Estate in Ukraine section.